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IMG_0576Happy Belated New Years to everybody from myself and my friends at BootsnAll. Let’s hope that 2008 is a prosperous year for Bali, that we avoid natural disasters, other setbacks and really get the tourism industry on track. Everywhere you look these days there seems to be a new warung, new shop, new bar and new accommodation. Its an exciting time.

This is my last post on Baliblog. Baliblog started on January 2003 when Sean and I came to Bali to start this website. Its been 5 years of almost daily posting. I am tired and my perspective has changed from a parachuting traveler, to an experienced Bali Expat. It’s time for me to try some new things and give BaliBlog a fresh perpective. We are all creatures of habit and even myself, a person with an adventurous nature, tends to follow familiar paths on a daily basis.

Baliblog has gone through a few design changes over the last 5 years and has a tonne of nut & bolts info tucked away. BootsnAll editors are working on re-arranging and editting my old content to make more sense for folks that are traveling to Bali. I have helped them get a handle on the over 6500 posts from the past 5 years. Wow, that is a lot of blogging! I pre-wrote a few posts for the next month or so as they sort through all the old stuff and pull out some old gems. As this gets done, we are looking for a new local writer for BaliBlog. If you are interested, please email a sample post or two to I’m looking forward to the new writer’s perspective.

I’d like to thank everyone for reading Baliblog and especially those people who took the time to comment and visit me while in Bali. For people who are planning to come to Bali, my suggestion is as always are to break out of the Kuta tourist scene and explore the island. The Balinese culture is fascinating and the island full of surprises for those willing to get out there and take a chance.

Please keep reading Baliblog and bare with us as we try to get all of it organized. Your feedback and support for the new writer will be appreciated. People who know me through Baliblog, keep in touch. I’ll probably still be around. 🙂