Bali surf conditions November 15th 2007

Wet season is here in Bali and the surfers have to adjust to surfing the eastern side of the south coast. Conditions today at Nusa Dua were so so with a 5.5ft swell height, period of 13 seconds and an 8mph offshore wind. Sunday November 18th and Wednesday November 21st are predicted to be decent, with 7ft swell on Wednesday with a period of 14 seconds.

Now a look at Uluwatu on the western side of the Bukit peninsula. Onshore winds spoil what’s happening there and with more debris from Kuta and the other areas in water after at this time of year, its time to hop on your bike and scoot over to the eastern side, only 20 minutes away. The eastern Bukit and south east coast offers breaks at Nusa Dua, Sri Lanka, Hyatt Reef, Tanjungs, Sanur Reef, Padang Galak, Ketewel, Lebih and others.

At this time of year Bali gets intense showers which may not last that long. If you are out surfing remember to bring your poncho for the ride home and a dry place to keep your clothes while surfing.




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