Surfing at Uluwatu Bali-part I

uluwatu082605.jpgFriday afternoon I rode down the famous surf spot at Uluwatu on the SW end of the Bukit peninsula. Uluwatu is part of the Bali surfing folklore, discovered by guys back in the 70's and known as the secret place. Finally of course everyone figured out where it was and now you can get 40 or 50 people in the water. My ride from Seminyak took about 35 minutes and arriving at the top of the cliff I saw the usual gaggle of women selling Uluwatu t-shirts. At least they offer something slight different from the vendors in Kuta, a selection of t-shirts that are all Uluwatu. If I was a vendor maybe I would try to create a quality fleece line just from Uluwatu, who knows.

Hiking down the steps to the lower cliff overlooking the surf I saw that the number of people doing ding repair has increased with the surf. Balinese guys were busily at work fixing boards and the surfers were either in the water or taking it easy in one of the small warungs.

I stopped at one small warung overlooking the surfing and watched a couple of guys paddle out. It seemed to be high tide that was turning and there were plenty of people in the water. Decent swell today too and not so windy. I noticed most surfers were lining up at Racetracks and a few others were getting decent waves at The Peak. Surfers are a funny bunch, always looking for surf, but on a day like today where there seemed to be plenty I saw many good unridden waves. It was as if they were all waiting for the perfect wave and were willing to pass up stuff they might kill for another time.




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