Learning to surf in Bali

This morning I got an email from a lady who had just signed up for a 3-day beginning surf lesson with us. She was coming in August but already excited about and asked me what exercises she should do before hand. Being a crappy surfer, but a great bullshiter, I told her yoga, as the 'sun salutation' is similar to surfing! Well it is a funny kind of way, the stance is similar to the pop-up. Reading the email I could remember my own excitement when I took a surfing lesson in Bali a couple of years ago.

Learn to Surf at Kuta Beach

While surfing at Kuta beach might seem to be just for pro surfers, that doesn’t mean its out of reach for beginners. In fact, there is a reason so many experienced surfers flock to Kuta Beach every year, its just a great surf spot. The fact that Kuta Beach is such a popular surfing destination means that there are no shortage of surfing instructors in the area. Be sure to read our information below about finding the perfect surfing instructor.

One really nice factor about learning to surf at Kuta Beach is that is has a really sandy bottom. Since the odds of you falling off your board are great in the early days, you will come to appreciate the sandy bottom right away. While it still may hurt, it is far better the shell or coral filled bottoms. The ocean floor hear also has a very gradual slope to it. This means that you can go pretty far out there to catch the waves, but still only be in chest deep water.

Safety on Kuta Beach is all around you. At any given time there are a decent amount of surfers in the water, so you are hardly ever alone in the water. Not to mention there are lifegaurds on duty as well.

What makes Kuta beach the ideal place is:



  • It has a sandy bottom
  • It slopes so gradually that you can walk out 100 meters and still be only chest deep.
  • They have lifeguards.
  • You are not alone in the water, there are plenty of other people out enjoying the surf too.

Choosing A Surfing Instructor

While there are plenty of surfing instructors to choose from in Bali, they are not all created equally. Choosing the right surfing instructor can have a huge impack on how much you enjoy your first surfing experience. Some surf instructors are just out there for the money and really have no idea how to teach someone to surf. They merely tell you how to do it, give you a board, and put you in the water.

Check out my interview with the staff at Surf at Kuta Beach Bali

A good surfing instructor will teach you the basic of surfing on land first and foremost. Once you have an understanding of how that works, they will take you out into shallow water and teach you how to catch some smaller waves. Once you have mastered those, they may offer to help you with some larger waves.

Some surf instructors offer lessons by the hour, while other have a multi day packages. If you have no idea what you are doing and tend to have trouble catching on to things like surfing, you will probably want to opt for the multi day lessons. If however, you are a quick learner, you should pick up everything you need to know in a few hours. The rest is really just trail and error and plenty of hours spent out on the beach.

I learned to surf at Bali Learn to Surf and they have the best location, right in front of the beach at the Hard Rock Hotel.

The water is warm and the first time you manage to stand up on one of those big boards and catch a little 2ft wave you will love it! I think I am overdue for a tune up lesson to show you how fun it is.

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