Green Bali Bali

To get to Green Ball, you head up the hill onto the Bukit, from Bypass Ngurah Rai (heading to Nusa Dua), then at the 4 way intersection (Nusa Dua, Uluwatu, Balangan), turn left towards Nusa Dua. You will see a sign for the Bali Cliff Resort, and the surf beach at Green Ball.

Arriving at Green Ball you’ll see a dirt parking area, with an old guy selling drinks. A small water was 3,000rp, so best to bring your own drinks if price in a concern. There are a couple of hundred concrete steps leading form the cliff, down to the sand beach. We saw some small surfable waves and while we were there, probably 5 or 6 other surfers were there also. Ollie paddled out and caught many long rides, although the swell was small. Green Ball is a reef break and is the southern most tip of Bali, next stop Australia.




For us non surfers, Green Ball is an okay beach to relax on. Devoid of trees, the cliffs provide some shade. The water is relatively clean and to the right of the beach is a large cave with bats. Ollie liked Green Ball because there seemed to be many spots to catch a wave, which combined with the lack of people, meant a mellow time. I have been to the cliffs overlooking Green Ball before, but never to the beach. The stairs got us sweating on the way up, poor old Toby dragging a backpack and carrying his daughter.

Green Bowl
What is it?
Green Bowl is a beach / surf spot on the Bukit Peninsula.
Where is it?
Located next to the Bali Cliff hotel on the central southern coast of the Bukit.
How do you get there?
From Kuta, Bypass Nusa Dua, Jl. Uluwatu up the hill, take left hand turn, to Nusa Dua, look out for turnoff for Bali Cliff hotel. Road to beach is indicated.
How long does it take from Kuta?
30 minutes.
Parking, drink seller.
Who is Green Ball good for?
People who want a nice beach, turquiose water, hot sun. Surfers who are looking for surf, when there’s none anywhere else. Green Ball picks up swell from all directions.
Who is Green Ball not good for?
People who don’t like stairs, driving more than 5 minutes, or need creature comforts.
Best time to go?
To enjoy the beach you need mid-low tide. For surfers the waves suck up more when it starts to get low ide, of course. It is reef, so factor this in.

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