Beach Girls in Bali: Some of the main groups

surfergirl113005v3.jpgEuro chicks are another kind of Beach Girl. Long legged with golden tans and super positive attitude, these girls are very approachable and are usually fresh out of some surf school, looking to put their new found skills in practice. Probably won’t find too many in the water on the Bukit, but I have seen groups wandering around topless on popular beaches. Most European girls speak better English than the Aussies, so communicating in no prob. This group Beach Girl often includes RTW travelers on a stopover, so they are chilled and ready to meet people.

American Beach Girls are almost a spoiled deal when they get to Bali. Often uptight if in the beginning stages of their surfing life, or fully committed to a long term relationship with Bozo from back home, American Beach Girls are a good if you like getting your ears talked off for not much result.

Aussie Beach Girls are either with their surfer boyfriend and his mates, or on quick holiday to get some sun. Always up for party and easy to talk to, this might be the way to go for someone on their own to meet friends. Probably bump into them at MBarGo at 1am or Paddy's, getting into the jungle juice.




Indonesian Beach Girls are usually in one of 2 categories: those who work in the surfing industry and possibly enjoy surfing and those who like money are hoping to hook up on a temporary basis with a western guy.

Kuta beach can be a zoo with all the different types of Beach Girl scattered around, in the water and under the trees, but if you take a second to look, you might spot some identifiable groups.