Bali Surfboards: What’s here?

board113005.jpgSurfing is a big deal in Bali and you might end up buying or renting a board yourself. The deal is you can find surfboards rentals on Kuta Beach 365 days a year. Its the busiest beach in Bali and you cna stroll up and chose from vendor spaced every 10 meters apart. The guys renting the boards will try to charge you as high a price as they thnik they can get away with, but something like 30,000rp per hour is okay. If you haven’t surfed before a couple of hours is probably all you can take anyway.

Beginning surfers should choose a big board (8-9ft) as it floats well, and try small waves. The rental board will come with a legrope, so you can get your baord back easily after being dumped, but no rash vest. You can get away with no vest for an hour or so. Experienced surfers need them to protest again the sun and the skin irritation from the board.

There are a few terms you should know: Fin = the curved fins at the back of the surfboard that keep it from slipping in the water, rail = sides of the surfboard, deck grip = the plastic pad that is attached to the back of the surfboard to give traction to the rear foot, nose = the front of the surfboard, stringer = the plywood strip thast runs lengthways through the middle of the surfboard, rocker = the curvature of the nose of the surfboard, glass = the hard resin finish that covers the surfboard.




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