Scuba Diving

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The Gili Islands are never going to win any prizes for the quality of marine life, ask anyone in the diving business. If you are looking for spectacular diving, go to Manado in Sulawesi, Komodo, Ambon, or West Papua (Irian Jaya).

Diving in the Gili Islands overview

Candi Dasa is located on Amuk Bay, which is a popular place to dive. The tiny islands in Amuk Bay (Gili Tepekong, Gili Biaha, Gili Mimpang) offer the best diving experience and that’s where the operators aim for.

Candi Dasa diving centers

Padangbai is a quiet fishing village in East Bali. When I visited back in 1993, it was very popular with divers and backpackers. The main attraction of Padangbai, is its rustic character. Bamboo guest houses, complete with cold water showers, wooden floors and mosquito nets, all for a low price.

Beaches at Padangbai Bali

Just met my friend Mike Hillis in Sanur. Mike is invilved with a really exciting business, that provides scuba diving in Ambon, one of the premier dive spots in East Indonesia. He alos leads tours into the unexplored wilderness of Seram island.

Who wants a piece of an Ambon diving business?

Visitors to Bali, as well as expats sometimes look for an close alternative, to the Bali beach scene. One option is Senggigi Lombok. An old copy of the Indonesia Handbook, from 1991 has this description: The coral and snorkeling at this popular beach area, 6km north of Ampenan, is fantastic-4 […]

Senggigi: The gateway to Lombok