Climbing Gunung Abang in the highlands of Bali

Gunung Abang is located across Lake Batur from Gunung Batur in the highlands of Bali. At 2153m it is over 400m higher, but way less visited. Gunung Abang is known as Red Mountain and the climb is very different. While is rather barren and affords sweeping views of the surrounding landscape, Gunung Abang is forested like Gunung Catur. Some people may find this more enjoyable as climbing during daylight hours you will get shade from the searing sunlight.

To get to the trailhead at Gunung Abang you should look for Penelokan on the way to Kintamani. About 4km south of Penelokan is a right turn heading for Suter. Take this road and do not turn right off of this road. Follow the road until it becomes a dirt track that follows the crater rim, asking locals as often as you need. After 2km you will come to a temple, Pura Munggu, which is in the forest. When the track heads down the slope away from the crater keeping going on the trial that leads up the hill. Two more temples, Pura Manu Kaya and Pura Puncak Tuluk Biyu will greet you as you ascend and reach the summit, still in the forest.

Always take a spare t-shirt as you are likely to sweat through the one you are wearing. There are no facilities so bring some food and plenty of water, maybe 4 liters per person.




The best time of year to do this hike is April-October.

Gunung Abang
What is it?
A volcano in the highands
Where is it?
In in the Kintamani / Batur area, across the lake from Gunung Batur.
How far is it from Kuta?
About 3 hours.
Do you need a guide?
Special equipment needed?
Plenty of water, a snack, spare t-shirt.
Who is this hike good for?
Anyone who is in general good health. People who want a forested hike.
Who is this hike not good for?
People who want a strenous hike, or are looking for the highest peak.
Best time to go?
Daylight hours, April-October
How long is the hike?
Round trip of 5 hours.

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