Monkey Forest Ubud Bali

monkey forest ubudMonkey Forest in Ubud is one of the main attractions. The thing that makes it handy, is its located on the loop around downtown Ubud. I pass it 5 times a day when I’m in Ubud, just trying to get somewhere. Ika and I have taken Jevon to Monkey Forest and I reckon its okay for kids. We showed up today at 9.30am, and bought tickets (10,000rp forr adults, 5,000rp for kids). Monkey forest tells you not to wear sunglasses or hats, good advice in my opinion, as the macaques will jump up on you and grabs anything loose. Toby started off carrying Maya, but set her down once he realized we we not in the actual jungle.

komodo dragonsToday some of the highlights were watching one large monkey on a wall, bent over forwards, while 2 other monkeys examined his rear end. It was almost like they were doing surgery, and the one in front didn’t move for ages. Toby talked about trying to replicate that, but we talked him out of it. The other highlights were a teenager getting jumped on by an aggressive macaque and 2 monkeys coming at me, teeth bared, as I tried to help one crack his coconut. Inside Monkey Forest are 2 temples Pura Padangtegal & Pura Prajapati, the place where Balinese bury their dead before cremating them. All over Monkey Forest are great statues, including dragons, monkeys and huge Komodo dragons, that look life-like with the green moss covering.




You can visit monkey Forest in 1 hour and its fun and safe for kids. I think the monkeys are well attuned to human behavior, and take it easy on kids.

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