Indonesia to get floating nuclear power plant

Life just gets stranger and stranger. In a country that can’t control the burning of jungle areas, government officials are ready to approve a new floating nuclear power station. The ‘Electric Barge’, or what ever they end up calling it, will be anchored in Sulawesi.

Indonesia does not have a nuclear power plant yet, and the Ruskies are up for the job of building it. Bali gets its electrical power, via an undersea cable from Java. Traditional oil and coal powered generating stations supply most of the country with power.

Here in Seminyak, I have a friend who designed 10 nuclear power stations in Asia (ya see, we’re not all Bintang swilling losers!). He told me that a nuclear power station, will have to be built for Bali at some stage, and laughed at the suggestion that wind / wave / solar power, could do the job. At present, only traditional or nuclear power plants come close to generating the power needed for a modern city.




So where would Bali puts its floating nuclear power plant? First thoughts are Kuta Beach. Its close to the airport, high power demands and the staff wouldn’t have to travel far for food and drinks. Second thought, Uluwatu. Can you imagine the excitement of managing a nuclear reactor, when a swell hits! What about Lovina? Those dolphins wouldn’t be hard to chase anymore, they’d glow in the dark.

Its all food for thought, and will be interesting to see what happens, when the Sulawesi reactor breaks from its moorings.