David Hicks vs. Bali bombing victims

Australian taliban David Hicks is in the news this week. After 5 years learning to salsa in Guantanamo, Hicks will be released soon and back in Australia. Some people are over the moon that a fellow Australian will be coming home, but others are not so happy.

Spike Stewart is the father of Anthony Stewart, killed in the 2002 Bali bombings. He is not happy that David Hicks is getting off so lightly and cannot understand the mentality of the so called ‘do gooders’. Spike makes some good points and accuses Hicks of ‘treason of the highest order’. Certainly travelling overseas, changing your religion and even agreeing with another’s ideology is okay, but joining a camp where they train to blow up airliners, is a bit over the line.

David Hicks had nothing to do with 2002 attack on the Sari Club in Kuta, but surely the survivors and relatives of those who didn’t survive, must have some misgivings about his eventual freedom. I think forgiveness is a great thing and David Hicks needs to come out and apologize to the whole country, asking for forgiveness. I can forgive him, but if I ever see him in Kuta with a daypack, I’ll walk the other way.




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