Taxis in Bali

Taxis in Bali are plentiful, especially in tourist areas such as Kuta, Seminyak, Sanur, Nusa Dua and Ubud. Hailing a cab can be as simple as stepping into the street and raising your hand when you see one pass by.

Bali has a selection of taxi companies, each with its own color of car, name and quality. The most established company is Bluebird, based in Jakarta. Bluebird has new light blue colored cars and a good reputation.

Tips for using a taxi in Bali are as follows:
1. Have plenty of change on you, as drivers often claim not to have change, hoping you will allow them to keep the difference.
2. Make sure the driver understands where he’s heading and uses the meter. Some drivers will start out with no idea where you intend to go. Not using the meter can mean getting charged an extortionate fee on arrival.
3. If you know a fast way of getting somewhere, instruct the driver. Local drivers seem to prefer taking a direct route through downtown traffic, rather than a faster route on the Sunset Rd. This saves petrol but takes twice as long.
4. Be careful when getting out as there are often sharp drops into drainage ditches on the
passenger side, fast traffic on the drivers side.
5. Tipping is not required.




Here is a list of taxi companies in Bali
Bluebird (Bali Praja Transportasi) (0361)701111
Geka PT (0361)289090
Gelora PT (0361)241444
Koperasi Taksi Kowinu Bali (0361)771661
Koperasi Taksi Ngurah Rai (0361)724725
Ngurah Rai Taxi (0361)724724
Pan Wirthi Taxi PT (0361)723954
Rajawali Taxi (0361)484537
Ramayana Taxi (0361)765303
Serasi Autoraya PT
Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai (0361)703333
Four Seasons Nusa Dua (0361)701010
Jl. Raya Airport (0361)753722
Jl. Raya Airport 2 (0361)753452
Jl. Raya Airport 99X (0361)763333
Kompi Bandara International Ngurah Rai

Taxis in Bali will often allow more than 4 passengers to ride, one sitting on the other’s lap. This is helpful if you don’t want to get 2 taxis. All taxis in Bali charge the same rate, which is a flag rate of 5000rp, plus 2500rp for each extra kilometer. In practice some companies seem more expensive.