Qatar Airways: Another way to get to Bali

qatar airwaysThere is yet another way for you to get a flight to Bali (as long as you are not an Aussie). Qatar Airways has opened up a new route from the Middle East to Denpasar, on March 24th.

Why would anyone fly with a Middle Eastern airline? It may seem strange at first, but in fact the Middle East has some great airlines. My favourite airline is Gulf Air, out of the UAE, which I’ve flown with a dozen or so times. Airlines from this part of the world tend to be affordable, have good routes, new planes, good pilots, excellent in flight service, with staff often hailing from all across their network of countries. Plus I figure I’m less likely to get hijacked on an Arab airline. Seriously, these countries have the money to put together a good service and they do.

Qatar Airlines are growing and already serves parts of Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and 3 cities in the US (Houston, NYC and Washington DC). The airline already flies from Qatar to Jakarta and has added a direct flight to Denpasar . In my experience alcohol is served on Middle Eastern airlines, so no worries about being stuck on a dry flight home.