Best Bali beaches for a newcomer

girls_board053004.jpgThe beaches in Bali are a big part of why people come. The great thing is that you can be on a beach within an hour of landing at Denpasar (DPS). Sun, sea and surf, or whatever triple combo tickles your fancy, is easily available since hotels in Tuban, Kuta, Legian and Seminyak are bullt on the beach. Crazy vendors may not be your kettle of fish, or maybe you are looking to meet a Kuta Cowboy, whatever your goals here is a quick look at some local beaches.

Kuta Beach: Good for getting a taste of the Bali vibe. Busy with vendors, tourists and locals. Food and drinks widely available, shade under trees close to the street and nice sandy beach. Perfect place to learn to surf. This is the place where foreign females hook up with local guys. Not a good beach if you want peace and quiet.

Kuta Halfway: Located straight up the street from the main part of Kuta beach. Way less people, less service and less shade. Good for more peace and quiet without walking too far. Sand still decently light colored.

Blue Ocean Beach: Located at the end of Jl. Double Six, takes 15 minutes from Kuta. Very busy afternoon scene. Plenty of bars and decent places to eat. This area features people playing bat and ball games. There is a gay volleyball pit and this is the beach where foreign guys come to hook up with local ladies. The sand is a brown color. Best food Zanzibar, best beer, Blue Ocean, best place to meet ladies on the beach under one of the drinks stands.




Dreamland Beach: Located on the Bukit peninsula, takes 25 minutes from Kuta. Good for low end surfers who like a beach break, people who like the simple beach side warungs and a lower stress scene. There are about 20 warungs serving food and drinks, surf board rental in the high season. Vendors generally leave you alone. No shade other than inside a warung. Lovely sandy beach.

Echo Beach Canggu: Takes 35 minutes from Kuta. Beach is virtually deserted, very few vendors, good surf and a great place called The Beach House serving good beer and food. Great sunday night bbq’s. Don’t swim on this beach because of the rips.