Balinese funeral

While downtown today I came across a large group of locals decked out in batik wear waiting for a funeral to begin. I was quite impressed at the decorative outfits on show. Across the street from the temple was a band banging out some groovie beats for the onlookers. Here’s a selection of pics.

Funeral 1

Funeral 2

Funeral 3

Funeral 4

Funeral 5




Funeral 6

Mary mentioned the other day how she felt she was actually in Bali reading the posts. Well I still can’t send you the smells, but here’s some moving pictures and some sound.

I saw a lady with her child who looked very relaxed, the way most people are here.

I strolled across the street and snapped this little kid on the sidewalk. She caught me pointing my camera and from them on was very interested to see what the pictures looked like ( I can show pics on the camera ). I snapped her and her friend and they giggled as I showed them their own digital images.

kids 1

Kids 2

Returning to the cyber cafe in Poppies Lane I got a call from an old buddy Jason Lopez, who I worked with in Santa Barbara in ’92. He’s just got back to Bali ( he lives here ) and will give me the inside scoop on places to rent tommorrow.

So that’s my day! From now on I’ll do more e-mails and grab some local nosebag before going back to my room. Side note. I’m reading the latest book my Pete McCarthy ( The Road To McCarthy ) bought for me by my brother Chris. Its hilarious! This guy can write some funny stuff.