Temples in Padangbai Bali

Padangbai has 5 major temples, Pura Dalem, located downtown, Pura Segara located next to the beach in between town and the main beach, Pura Telagamas, Pura Silayukti and Pura Tanjungsari in the eastern end of Padangbai.

Pura Dalem (the temple of the dead) is where cremation ceremonies happen. Pura Telagamas sits behind Pura Silayukti and is connected by a pathway. Pura Silayukti was the home of a priest named Empu Kuturan in the 11th Century and there is a 3-roofed meru (tiered structure) inside the temple.

A path from Silayukti leads to an ancient shrine overlooking the ocean. The shrine has a candi bentar (Balinese split gate) and some ancient rocks wrapped in cloth. A turtle shaped sarcophagus sits above the waves below.




Pura Tanjungsari is dedicated to Empu Bharadah, Kuturan’s brother who together with his brother spent time at the early Besakih temple site. These temples could make a an interesting hike after a morning at the beach. Simply go along the beach road to the end and up around the headland. Remember to bring a sarong and sash.