Bali scuba diving adventures-part I

Scuba diving is a great activity as it adds a whole new dimension to a trip, allowing you to explore more than just the beach. Indonesia has some of the best diving in the world (Irian Jaya, Ambon, Komodo) and Bali is also on the diving map. One of the local companies that I see advertised is Bagus Marine Diving Adventures, based in Sanglah.

Bagus Marine Diving Adventures covers a range of location in Bali and give their own short description of those places as follows:

Menjangan Island
It is 1.5km long and 500 meters wide at Northwestern Bali. It also part of the Bali Barat Nasional Park. Coral walls are vertical down to 30-60 meters and then slope outward. 3.5 hours from Kuta and 30 by boat to sites.

The most visited dive site has a 395 ft long wreck, the USS Liberty that is sleeping under a coral blanket at 5-28 meters. This is a beach dive and the wall starts from 1 meter and drops, almost vertically to 40 meters. 2.5 hours from Kuta.




Bagus Marine Diving Adventures
Jl. Pulau Buton #21 Sanglah 80114

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