Bali packing list

What to bring with you when you come to Bali is a stress for some, a second thought for others. I once had a guest arrive for a 3 day visit who brought just 1 shirt, which he wore the whole time. If you are determined to be an ultra-lighter there’s nothing stopping you.

Visitors to Bali will immediately notice the heat and humidity, so getting into some loose light clothing is the best plan. Tennis shoes or hiking boots will make your feet sweat, so sandals or some other open style footwear will make you feel a lot better. Outside of that all you need during the day is a sun-hat and something to swim in. Bali’s sun-hat selections isn’t the greatest, so bing your own. Plenty of cheap surf-wear though for around 20,000rp.

There is no dress code in Bali at nightclubs or restaurants, so as long as you feel you’re ready to go out, nobody will stop you. Local clothes shops tend to stock light rayon type shirts if you want to pick something up here.




Its interesting to hear what other travelers to Bali suggest to pack. Virtual Tourist has a selection of user generated comments that may help you decide what to pack.