Bali, in My Eyes by Kerry Pendergrast: Kerobokan, Bali

Towards the end of July there is another exhibition to be held at the Bali Mystique Hotel in Kerobokan and will feature the works of expat Kerry Pendergrast.

Few will argue that the beauty of Bali is captivating. Living proof of this fact is found in the Ubud-based artist, Kerry Pendergrast. Born in Perth, Western Australia in 1963 she visited Bali where she met her Indonesian artist husband, Pranoto. Living in Bali's artists' community of Ubud since 1993, she is the mother of two children as an article in the Bali Discovery explains.

Her time in Ubud and her marriage to a talented artist provided the personal impetus for Kerry's development as an artist. From the Pronoto Gallery in downtown Ubud she organizes weekly live model sessions attended by models and artists from around the world.

Her premier exhibition at the Seniwati Gallery - Art by Women in Ubud in 1998 launched Kerry's budding artistic career. Since then she has held solo exhibitions in Indonesian and Australia as well as group shows. Her love of pastels as a medium for her work began in 2001 during a holiday in Lombok.




Bali, in My Eyes

Her latest solo exhibition "Bali, in My Eyes" will be held at the Bali Mystique Hotel at Jalan Petitienget 2000X in Kerobokan from July 25 through August 31, 2006.

The paintings exhibited will be soft pastels rendered on sandpaper. Kerry's choice of soft colours on a rough background is tied to the resulting luxurious textures and enhanced colours this medium provides. Kerry enjoys completing her pieces in front of a scene, capturing the light and feeling an interaction that is immediate and fresh.

Her current exhibition like many of her past compositions reflects the stunning, tropical scenery of Bali that gives her an endless supply of subjects such as temples, rice fields, beaches, mountains and lakes.

For more information on the exhibition telephone 361-730465.

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