Woodstock in Seminyak

I ate dinner down on Poppies I at a travelers’ restaurant that cooked a variety of foods, including Thai. I ate squid and shrimp with chili and onions. It wasn’t bad and just the right size. I had worked at Internet Outpost till about 8pm and was getting ready to head home to Seminyak. Now that I ride a scooter I don’t drink beer with my meal, now it’s melon juice.

I swung by Ryoshi to arrange a meeting with my friend Putu and then jammed up Jalan Seminyak to our place. What do I do now, I thought. Well, there’s a bar called Woodstock that’s about a 10 minute walk from the house so I strolled off in that direction.

Arriving, I was the only customer. I said hello to Eric the owner who is from Holland and he asked me what I was doing in Bali. I gave him one of my cards and after several seconds he said, “Looking at this card I still don’t know what the fuck you are doing.” BootsnAll isn’t the easiest thing to explain but I tried.

Eric’s 2 fridges were both not working so he was keeping his bottled beer cold in a bucket of ice.




I met a few new people….Lorne from Montreal who can’t remember jokes and didn’t like mine, Chris from Switzerland who supports Old Boys Bern, his sister who spent time in a black dance company in NYC, Paul from Australia who designs upscale houses for rich people all over Asia and a lady from Marin County who knows where the Marin Brewing company is located in Larkspur.

Lorne, the dancing queen, and myself discussed the pros and cons of a blog and how I was dealing with the responsibilty of telling tourists to come / don’t come to Bali.

Hope to see some of these folks again.