Seminyak nightlife: How it will develop

Last night I went out for some nasi campur and a quick drink in a local place on Jl. Dhyana Pura. While there the owner who is Indonesian came and sat with me. We started discussing the nightlife scene in Seminyak and I asked him a few questions. The party scene on Jl. Dhyana Pura really took off after the 2002 bombing in Kuta, with new places opening up and a more cosmopolitan type of place becoming popular. Spy Bar, Tu Bar, Space all came along and has success for a while. I was actually thinking Kuta's days might be over. In the last 12 months Kuta has had a revival and some of the places along Jl. Dhyana Pura are empty. Casa Luna is closed as is Space, although there are a couple of newcomers towards the Jl. Seminyak end.

Someone was saying to me recently that Dhyana Pura was a stupid place for nightlife as its in the middle of a housing area and the locals always complain. Maybe taking a lead from places like De Ja Vu and building along the beach, where people don't live, is the best way to go. I put this forward to the owner and he said the beach is already full, the land is taken up by hotels, existing bars and restaurants. I said to him that virtually every tourist I meet in Bali wants to know 'where are the girls and how do I meet them'. I suggested he open a private members club out in the boonies, somewhere like Canggu. Make it like De Ja Vu, sexy music, classy decor, finger food, good drinks and plenty of hot hostesses. Older guys staying at the Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton haven't got a clue how to meet women and would love a place that isn't overflowing with locals and tourists. The concept of 'special' comes into play here. The same idea that Studio 54 in New York had. Its not a place for any Joe Smo, its exclusive, but you get the best of everything.

My friend said that nightlife on Dhyana Pura will continue, as its already here. "You can't just move it." he said.




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