Mykonos restaurant in Seminyak

Jason, Ebong and I met met a fellow called John John from Tahiti at Mykonos restaurant right round the corner from where we live at 8pm on Saturday night. This is an expat hang out and had good food. Jason had called me up late in the afternoon and suggested it so at 8pm I headed down there with him. Down the street from our house lives a fellow from the Bahamas called Ashley who is a surfer and apparently a famous artist. Jason was telling me he’s seen him in a book along with Andy Warhol. We stopped by for about 10 minutes so Jason could drop off his surf board ( they are planning to go to Ulu Watu Sunday morning at 5am ).

A lot of the expats here spend time during the day surfing. This time of year ( rainy season ) isn’t the best conditions as debris from the rivers gets into the water and leaves garbage along the beach. The SW west part of the island is the worst place for this. The water on the eastern side of the island is cleaner.

Mykanos was fairly busy and we ordered afew starters, pita, tzadziki sauce, dolmathis and some feta concoction. Main course was grilled tuna ( $3.10 ).

John John has lived in Bali for years and is doing a RTW in order to find his perfect place. I asked him what criteria were important and he said he has to feel a connection with the land. I suggested New Zealand which he didn’t like that much. Eastern Europe wasn’t high on the list either.




One of the funny moments was when Jason ordered some new dish he’d never had before which turned out to be a big plate sized pita bread covered with Tz sauce and chunks of beef spread down the middle. He asked the waiter how he should eat it…with a knife and fork, like a pizza, roll it up like a burritto etc. He then commented that Ebong and I weren’t having as traditional food as him and Ebong responded that it was strange to have someone talking about tradition when they don’t know how to eat their food.

We paid our bill and went separate ways. Ebong and Jason having to go to bed early to get up for Ulu. I got a taxi to Stadium Cafe in Kuta to watch soccer. I saw Liverpool draw with Boro and watched half of the Tottenhan vs. Sunderland game. The place has awesome screens and was only partially full.

At around midnightI felt like going home but also felt likesome exercise so I walked up Jalan Legian / Seminyak home. It took 75 minutes and felt good as we don’t do much physical stuff anymore.