Wednesday afternoon in Seminyak Bali

Wednesday afternoon for me consisted of typing stuff in bedroom. The platform I use is on snail speed right now so getting stuff online takes for ever.

After meditating for an hour (that’s how I get the info for my articles) I knocked a few out and went over to Santa Fe for a burger. I never eat burgers but something said this was a burger day. For 31,000rp Santa Fe does a decent burger, which comes with fries and a load of salad.

Late this afternoon I raced over to Arjuna Services, the immigration consultant on Jl. Petitenget in Kerobokan. My Business visa needs and update. I have been in Bali for getting on 60 days and now start the 30 day extension process for 500,000rp a pop. I can do this 4 times.




After that I drank a small beer at Benny’s on Blue Ocean Beach and then it was back to work. A friend is coming over later to watch Riding Giants, a surf doco.