Shopping for lunch in Seminyak Bali

My usual lunchtime routine is to hit a warung for some nasi campur. Today I felt like a change, so I went over to Bintang supermarket to see what appealed. Bintang stocks a variety of imported cheese, and I picked up a packet of Coon Extra tasty for 30,000rp. In the vegetable section I found a super ripe avocado, tomatoes and half a dozen ripe mangoes.

Around the corner at Bread Station, my large baguette was 5,500rp. The combination of bread, cheese, avocado and tangy Branston’s pickle, really got me where I wanted to be. While shopping for veg I tried to take some photos, but my camera batteries were dead. Anyway, Bintang is a handy place to swing by for a lunchtime run. I don’t cook much here in Bali, except for the occassional bbq. Making a sandwich brings back memories.




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