Saturday night in Seminyak Bali

Saturday night here in Seminyak can mean all kinds of things. We are in the epicenter of the party scene, the eye of the hurricane, the center of the action. In Seminyak you have warungs, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Choice is not a problem and there are plenty of affordable options.

I went out last night to Bens birthday party and my friend Dallas smsd me earlier saying there is a party at Venue @ The Moon in Kerobokan. Sounds great but by 11pm I am usually out of gas, at least out of party gas. I asked him what kind of party?

Ika is not really a partier and being 7 months pregnant will not want to go. My other go-to event might be Stadium Cafe to watch soccer. One aspect of the party scene in Seminyak is that if you really want to ride the wave, so to speak, you are in for a very late night. Eating dinner at 7pm means you have a 4 hour wait before most of the places on Jl. Dhyana Pura get busy. Double Six nightclub opens at midnight and goes till 6am.

I know from watching those who are active in the party scene that many people go home for a nap and show up later, maybe after midnight. For me its too much effort. I am basically a daytime guy who has some good hours in the evening, but who wants to call it quits before midnight.




After typing this article I ended up at home with Ika, her sister Ningrum and Komang from Bali. I decided to bbq the last of the meat from last weeks party when Sean was here. I made sure it was super well done, saucy and spicy. They loved it. We had fun disccussing some quirks in the English language, including Kick some ass and Go get it. They concluded English is a very strange language.

I am in a local internet cafe on Jl. Dhyana Pura and the speed is okay. Dallas smsd back and said, Its a bikini party.