Mick Turnbull returns to Bali

mick upi melinaAustralian Mick Turnbull, former Cathay Pacific engineer and all around good bloke, returned to Bali for a quick visit. Ika, Jevon and I met up with Mick at Warung Batavia in Kerobokan. With the airline industry out of the way and the family business back in Victoria keeping him busy, Mick still found the time to bring his wife Upi and new daughter Melina Johanna to Bali. They are visiting friends and will visit Upi’s village in Java while here.

Little Melina slept the whole time and actually looks the spitting image of Mick. I told him for the first year she won’t notice him, but after 12 months he will be best buddies with her. Upi now has a detectable Aussie accent after living there for a year and according to Mick smoothers her food in Mum’s sauce (Mrs. Turnbull’s special homemade tomato sauce).

Hope to catch up with Mick again before he leaves.