Kuta Beach 3 years ago

On this day 3 years ago I ate breakfast at Cafe Moka in Seminyak then went to Internet Outpost on Poppies Lane II in Kuta. In those days I did not have home internet access, which made me more social, but less productive.

Nowadays breakfast is a cup of coffee and a little something at Cafe Seminyak, next to Bintang supermarket. All the staff there ask about Jevon and one little guy has I.B on his name badge. That stands for Ida Bagus, meaning he is a brahmana (priest caste). His last name is Manuaba, which is one of the highest, sub castes of the brahmanas. Can you imagine, a high priest serving me coffee? That’s the 21st century.

Some of my early time in Bali was spent interviewing locals about the Sari Club bombing. I hired one of the staff from Internet Outpost to be my translator. The sunset back then were wonderful and still are. Back then I used to be down in Kuta late at night and would frequent some of the budget places, where they have DVD shows. They still do them, particularly Pug Bagus, close to the entrance of Poppies II, who advertise their screenings, on a billboard outside.




Reading the article from 2003 I also remember riding in the wet season wearing glasses. Between my breath and the raindrops, I could barely see where I was going, and even less without them. Times have changed.

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