Kids toys in Bali

jevonIts photos like this, that make me realize buying kids expensive toys is a waste of money. In our house, I have managed to successfully avoid Christmas, and birthdays pass without too much nonsense in the gift-giving department. I’m more into spending time with family and friends, eating and drinking, rather than spending money on presents. My sister has a 6 year old and told me she is happier playing with the large box her gift came in, than the gift. Jevon loved his new metal helmet, he can play with it all day and it won’t break! At the house there are a few things Jevon likes to play with, which include a bucket of water (the kid’s favourite), my old Alpha Smart keyboard with the keys all jammed up, an electric racquet (bug swatter) that quit ages ago, and various implements likes the tongs from my bbq.

He has recently taken an interest to the neighbor’s dog, a large white Kintamani, that barks constantly. I’m planning a whole selection of cleaning products, to be his 2nd birthday gift, including a leather, that he can use to clean my motorbike. Won’t that be a fun time!




Here’s some of the schools and playgroups available for kids in Bali.