Get your own guest house in Bingin Bali

Okay Baliblog worldwide audience, who wants to run their very own guest house in Bali? Bingin is one of the choice surf spots in Bali, located close to Dreamland on the Bukit peninsula. Here’s how you can get that guest house.

DJ Brent Burns, the globe trotting man of music, is selling his pad in Bingin, and asked me to let people know about it. I have done a small guide to accommodation at Bingin and did no get to Brent’s place. Living on the Bukit is super chill, very village like and people are cool. The beaches and surfing are right there too. In fact Brent hosts a surf contest, and the judging is done from his place.

Brent told me his place is a great investment and the asking price is $20,000. Feel free to contact him.




DJ Brent Burns