Blue Ocean Beach: The expats afternoon hangout in Seminyak Bali

blue_ocean_beach_bali_043005.JPGBlue Ocean Beach is located at the end of Jl. Arjuna (Double Six) and is a favorite with tourists and expats alike. Easily reached from Kuta via a 10 minute ride up Jl. Pantai Kuta and Jl. Legian, Blue ocean Beach can be a cool place for a lazy afternoon. The sand is not quite the same shade of white as in Kuta. In fact it is a sandy brown color. The attraction is the low key level of beach vendors compared to the high-intensity of the vendors in Kuta. You can actually enjoy sitting on the beach, or under a shade without getting pestered the whole time.

Jl. Arjuna also has plenty of beach-side restaurants including Zanzibar, Cafe Warna (currently being remodeled) and The Blue Ocean. For the evening De Ja Vu makes a great launching pad combining a Spy Bar up market feel with the crashing waves only 40 meters away.

Blue Ocean is also a bit of a pick scene and you will find eagle-eyed expats trying to nonchalantly be noticed. While I was sitting writing this a local bartender practiced juggling bottles on the sand, getting ready to impress the tourists later that evening.




You can park cars and motorbikes right next to the beach although it can be tight. Best time to come is after 3pm.

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