Bali Land For Sale

Ask any property man in Bali how the market is going and he’ll tell you its flying! Good plots of land are getting snapped up like single women the evening before Nyepi. Don’t miss out by not checking your options. offers some plots of land virgin land that are ready to be taken advantage of.

Jimbaran Bukit – GWK, Ungasan, Pecatu, Dream Land Area
Some great pieces of land on offer here, including cliff top property overlooking the Indian Ocean. The name Jimbaran gets banded about a bit too often, as the Bali Cliff area and Kutuh is nowhere near Jimbaran, but rather the Bukit. Looking at the photos you get an idea of how sparsely populated the Bukit is, which together with its views and close proximity to the airport / Kuta make it an ideal place to build.




Bali Land For Sale
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