Working at Internet-Outpost

Nick are pounding away on our keyboards, working on a design project. We are almost done and decided a few Bintangs would go down nicely to help in the creative process.

Internet Outpost has the cybercafe model down pat.

1 – Eminem and other dance/rap music on – kinda helps to type to the beat.




2 – Beer – a beer or two helps us stay longer and I imagine the other patrons enjoy it as well.

3 – Friendly and knowledgable staff – necessary at any cybercafe…some of the others we have been to are just clueless.

It’s kind of hard to believe that this is work for me. Please don’t be jealous, but it is. This is my work. Remember, I had to go through hell with my buddies to get here. I’ll never forget being, paperboys, towel folders, and knife sellers.