Wet day in Kuta

I did some shopping / house cleaning today that was overdue. My first stop was Cafe Moka for a breadbasket and coffee, then to the market. Our pathway way getting very slippery with the green moss so I picked up bleach from the Bintang supermarket plus a squirt bottle. I liberally sprayed the path and think this will help prevent us from sliding.

I also picked up a mop and some detergent and cleaned the downstairs areas, plus the large outside tiled area which had more dust than originally was noticeable. It looks much better now.

We have a few consulting projects going on and I took the opportunity to go upstairs and use the desk as it the most comfortable place to work. I whipped up some examples and have sent them off to Chris in Eugene.

As I was working, the humidity was peaking and after a while I noticed a sudden drop in temperature meaning one thing…. a storm. It suddenly unleashed and I stayed at home for a while not wishing to drive in a downpour.




The storm slowed and I headed downtown, traffic was heavily backed up and the cops were out diverting traffic. This sent me on a wild goose chase along one way streets trying to get to Poppies lane. Made it after doing a big loop in the wrong direction.

Ika and I will do interviews in the street when she gets off work today and I’m meeting up with Sima and Steve at 7pm.