Water in the house

I learned a valuable lesson today about our water pump situation. After showering I was about to clean some cups and realised the water wasn’t working again. I tried various outlets to make sure it wasn’t just one outlet that was faulty. I had laundry to do so I packed my backpack full of clothes and zipped around the corner. I was back in about 15 minutes and when I returned I could hear water dripping in the kitchen. Turning on the light I saw a huge pool of water on our kitchen floor that had alreay made it into my bedroon which is adjacent.

What had happened was the water pump had started working again and there was an uptuned plate in the sink blocking the drainage. Of course the one faucet I left open was the sink, hence the paddling pool.

I used our rubber door mat to sweep the water out the front door, opened windows and cranked the fan. By evening the water was well down and by Sunday morning its was gone.




I also learned that our water pump is located in the house next door and is shared by 3 houses. That’s good as if it goes off someone will notice sooner or later.