Watching Arsenal vs. Fulham at Stadium Cafe

Saturday night in Bali is Saturday afternoon in London so Sean and I went to the place we watched the Superbowl, Stadium Cafe. Arriving at 10pm we noticed the posted time of the game was 11pm and took off to check out a DVD store ( you can get an unbelievable selection of movies over here for $1.80. )

Arriving back a while later my energy level was low and we postioned ourselves in front of one of the 2 huge tv screens, these things being about 6 feet wide. Someone spent some serious money on this place. All the staff were wearing rip off versions of the most popular shirts, Arsenal ( Henry ), Man U ( Veron ) etc and one guy told us he was a big Thierry Henry fan.

As the place began to fill up it was cool for us because the neighboring screen was showing the Man U game and most of the locals / tourists preferred to see that game. At the kick off there were 6 people including us watching Arsenal and about 25- 30 watching the other game. I find it hard to believe so many people fall for the Man U hype, they’ve marketed themselves very well around the world.

Anyway with an unobstructed view we enjoyed the first half and Sean commented that Arsenal’s passing was wonderful to watch. When I was in London at Christmas I watched a couple of games and they were scrappy but today their game was way more in line with what my brother Chris talks about.




We ordered a magarita pizza and I had a couple of melon juices. Got to be alert for navigating the scooter at night here. I think we were both shagged and left during the interval, the score 1-1.

This morning I checked the score on and Arsenal had grabbed a last minute winner.

It was fun to get to see a game, maybe I’ll make this a part of my schedule.