Wanker, Wankie Wankie

After dinner last night, Nick and I were walking back from Captain Haddock's (after dinner drink) and a short little babushka looking lady was under a dark overhang.

As we started to pass, she looked at us and said,

“Wanker, Wankie Wankie,” while her right hand made a up and down “jerk off” motion.

She did it a few more times and as the reality of it sank in, we laughed as we kept walking… It was one of those funny timely moments. Funny because it was so unexpected and had that “comedy routine” sound about it.




10 minutes later as we approached the Circle K near our guesthouse, a little motorscooter pulled in front of us and the little babushka lady was on it. What was she doing here, I thought?!?

“Wanker, Wankie Wankie,” she said as she pulled in front of us.

She must of thought we were good prospects to haul arse and catch up with us. This was an even funnier moment. Nick and I were not trying to be rude as this lady looked to make a living, but it seemed like a moment out of a movie like “American Pie” or something. We laughed again and bought a a bottle of water before heading back to the guesthouse.