Viewing the war here in Bali

This morning I rode to Moka Cafe on Jalan Seminyak at around 9am and bumped into Ebong and Marcel ( Italian / German ) who were enoying their breakfast. They invited me to join them and I realised Marcel in particular was enjoying his breakfast as it was a small Bintang. The 2 of them had been out all night and were on their way home.

Heading to Global Extreme, where I had been till midnight the previous night, I noticed CNN was on the tv with live coverage of the war in Iraq. It was surreal to be sitting in Bali looking out over paddy fields with live camera action from advancing US tanks. Almost like war is entertainment now and the goings on are like the ‘big game’.

I don’t find many people here in Bali, locals and expats, talking about the war at all. Most people are intent on earning a living and enjoying themselves. Locals have said the war won’t be good for tourism. That’s true and it’s a world wide phenomenon.

I get the feeling there isn’t much anti- US / British feeling here and visitors will way less media coverage and pressure from Iraq than they would feel at home.

Today was a quiet day at Internet Outpost and Ika said maybe the war has affected the number of new arrivals coming to Bali.




Stopping off at the house on the way down here I opened the front door to discover water all over the floor and a stream dripping through the ceiling. Investigating, I found our shower had sprung a leak with the 18 inch long metal tube severed at one end and shooting water all over the bathroom. I tried to re-attach it and it came off completely.

Made from Bali Land and Houses came over asap and fixed it with new parts.

I think the rainy season is coming to an end here. The last couple of days have felt very clear and the sun is so powerful. You’ve seriously got to use sunscreen out here. I see dark skinned people from Japan who have been surfing all day come back looking torched. A vanilla bar like me can take it for about 10 minutes.

Aussie surfer Paul was in Internet Outpost today after doing reconnaissance work with friends this morning.

Will check on our plumbing and spend the rest of the evening at I/O or Global.

If anyone has a good idea for a war related interview, I’d like to hear it.