Top Ten Reasons to come to Bali

10. 22 oz. cold beers cost about $1.10 US.

9. The weather is 80 F or whatever that is Celcius and sunny everyday. (Yes, I am a Yank)

8. Surfing is a fun sport and it is easy to learn in Kuta. No coral and good beginner size waves.

7. Prices are unbeatable. In general, there are bargains to be had and it is Asia, so western money goes farther. For example: 22 oz. cold beers cost about $1.10 US.

6. It’s safe. A few people have said, “Sean, be careful,” like there is some kinda imminent danger. There isn’t. It is safer here than it is in LA, Sydney, or London. No mobs, no machine guns. Just friendly faces.




5. For the women. There are beautiful looking women all over the place and they are wearing not very much at all. Nice tans, great abs and 22 oz. cold beers cost about $1.10 US.

4. For the men. There are beautiful looking men all over the place. Great tans, abs, shirts off and in a relaxed mood. (I am not gay, not that there is anything wrong with that)

3. Shopping. Jewelry, clothes, art things. A brand name wardrobe, yes a full wardrobe, can be had for $100US.

2. The people. Travelers and locals alike are all over the place here. And the crowds are not big. You can have this place to yourself (as compared to pre-Bali bombing).

1. Nick, myself, the BootBoyz are here. Yes, visiting Bali means we get to meet you. It’s our pleasure and honor to buy the first few drinks and listen to your stories. We might be fun to hang out with once in a while as well. Oh yeah, and 22 oz. cold beers cost about $1.10 US!