Thunder and lightning

I had a language lesson this evening with my friend Putu. We walked up Jalan Legian to a German restaurant and sat outside under a shade. No sooner had we started getting into it the skies opened and torrential rain came down. Everyone scampered inside and we spent 2 hours going back and forth in English and Indonesian. I’m trying to build my vocabulary and learn what is appropriate to say.

I think Bahasa Indonesia is a relatively easy language and I hope that after a year I will be at a decent standard.

Here’s a sample of the question and answers we went through.

Bagaimana kabarmu hari ini Putu? ( How are you today Putu?)
Saya baik, kamu bagaimana? ( I’m fine, how about you? )
Saya juga. ( Me too. )

Kamu datang dari mana? ( Where have you been? )
Saya baru datang dari toko. ( Just came from the shop. )




Kamu membeli apa? ( What did you buy?)
Saya membeli baju. ( I bought a t-shirt.)

We wrapped up and agreed to meet next Wednesday at 4pm. I’ll try to get some of these and other expressions down.

The rain was still pouring and Jalan Legian, the main street was a river. You could ride a Kawasaki jet ski down it if you wanted.

Sean and I went for a pizza at the place next to warung 96 on Jalan Benesari with James from Toronto who is on vacation.

We cracked open one of these babies and talked about computer ASP’s…or least James did, I just sat there like a dummy and tried to seem like I knew what was being said.