This morning was great to to get things done in Seminyak Bali

The Sun was shining this morning in Seminyak and I visited a couple of hotels the Komala on Jalan Arjuna in Legian and the Intan Bali Village near Pura Petitenget.

I wanted to swap some ad space for space room space and talked to their sales managers. Getting them to see value in a personal type web site is a challenge as it is out of the ordinary.

I got my bike ‘serviced’ the other day by Nyoman. Everytime he does this it runs worse than before. Right now it blows more smoke and has a less efficient transmission. On well at least he’s trying I guess.

I’m trying to arrange some cool stuff for Sean and the boys when they’re out here including bungy jumping, a cruise to Nusa Lembongan and Surfing lessons. I think I’ve pretty much got those nailed down and look forward to checking those out and telling you all about it. There are a ton of action adventure activities here in Bali as well as cultural and arts stuff.

I swung by Lesung Padi on Jalan Raya Kerobokan close to Warung Batavia for lunch which was ‘choice B’ ( rice, 2 choices and a drink for 13,000rp). I got sweet and sour pork, mushrooms and peas plus a teh bottle. The menu has a distinctly Chinese twist to it refelcting the owners own cultural background. Everything served here is very tasty.




I tried to find a good place to look at my laptop today but was unsuccessful. Heading to Denpasar at around 4pm the traffic was unbelievably intense and the fumes were really getting to me. I could tell there was no way I going to find a laptop repair place by chance so turned around and came back. I tell you I sucked in so much pollution today. I’m wearing my mask all the time from now on.

A haircut at Monkey Planet salon in Seminyak and one of their famous head massages was a chance to stop racing around. Why is it the guys who work in salons all look like they are heading for Q Bar? I hand it to the staff at MP though they can cut hair, more than I can say for many of the places I’vebeen to over theb years. My hair wash, massage and cutting was 65,000rp.

Back at the house the skies darkened and we had a nice little 45 minute downpour. Reminded me of last year’s rainy season with some decent power for a spell. The island needs it.

I rode down to Kuta and snapped the locals all getting into their rain gear at the side of Jalan Legian. It always amuses me to see 2 people on a bike sharing a poncho, the rear passenger seeing nothing but the other persons head. A ceremony was taking place at the temple in upper Legian with local families lined up in their colorful outfits, the Balinese eqivalent of the muslim loudspeaker hollering accompanying them.

Internet Outpost has no connection as usual so I’m in Pasti on Jalan Benesari. Its 11.30 pm here on Friday night and there are plenty of people out getting warmed up to party.

Looking forward to joining Mick at Stadium Cafe tommorrow for the rugby world cup final. Will take some photos. Stadium is THE place to go for sports in Kuta.