The scene around Poppies Lane and Jalan Legian, Bali

The scene around Jalan Legian and Poppies II has definitely somewhat quiet due to the war and you can tell by the faces of the restauranteurs that they are dying for customers. There’s plenty of lovely seafood on display and places to let your hair down.

Just the other night I stepped into a place on Jalan Benesari, right off of the beach road, Jalan Pantai Kuta. It was the first restaurant on your left, with a big tv in the middle. I wanted the latest on the war so I sat and had a drink. Looking at the menu I decided to eat there and ordered grilled fish (my usual it seems). The food arrived 15 minutes later and was sensational. A big chunk of fish, rice and delicately arranged salad and vegetables, all for around 23,000rp ($2.58). I tell you, Bali is a bargain and you will get your money’s worth and more right now.

I’ve become a big fan of Yee’s soybean milk (Singapore company) and down a pint or 2 a day rather than carbonated junk. All the Circle K’s carry it. I gave this guy a BaliBlog t-shirt and he thanks me everytime I visit.