The news here in Bali

This morning a fellow from my motorcycle place came round to take the bike for its monthly health check. Mick Turnbull suggested I change the oil as it was blowing smoke so I waited till this time. Its funny because our intercom doesn’t work and the guy stands outside the wall surrounding our house and calls out ‘Nick, hello Nick’. I don’t really know him but he knows my name.

Arriving a while later at Global Xtreme ( internet cafe and #1 ISP in Bali for satelite access ) I ran into Mimi, the owner. She said hello then asked “US get Saddam? They make a big hole.” I said yes it was a big hole and if he was anywhere in the area there’s a good chance we won’t be hearing from him again.

I’m going to visit Arjuna immigration consultants now and find out the latest on visa for tourists.