The dry season is here in Bali

It has not rained for a while now and I would say the dry season is here. People have told me it will cool off towards August but the sun is fierce no matter how hot it is. Today I bought a pollution mask from the shop next to Internet Outpost on Poppies II, it’s called Groupie and sells wacky t-shirts and surf wear. It cost 75,000rp and fits well.

The mask has a 100% charcoal filter and I’m hoping it will keep the dirt and particles out of my lungs. I look like some kind of charachter out of Mad Max with this and my helmet, I’ll get a photo tomorrow when I have the camera handy.

I visited Internet Cafes today doing some promotional work and talking to the staff and owners.

One development since Sean left is our friend Armadi no longer works at Captain Haddock on Jalan Benesari. She’s moved to a place at the junction right before that at the place that shows movies and has a nightclub upstairs. She asked me to wipe any mention of Captain Haddocks from our site and promote the new place. She’s a worker and will bust her behind to make this new place a success.




I think the war has definitely affected tourist traffic here although certain spots are quite busy.

Ika our friend at Internet Outpost is having to nurse her dad who was involved in a hit and run recently. He was wearing a helmet but may have a concussion.

Bill went surfing today at Nusa Dua with Aussie surf legend Paul. Paul will be writing us a complete surfing guide to Bali so all you beach bums hang tight…good info is coming. I asked Paul what was special about Bali surfing and he said the consistency. There’s a wave in SW Lombok called Desert Point that has been rated the best wave in the world before, because of its shape and the fact it gets bigger as it goes along.