Superman is dead: Bali punk band in documentary

Superman is Dead is the name of a Bali punk band that is familiar to a lot of us who live here. I have been to 1 punk do at the Hard Rock Cafe when I first got to Bali. It always struck me as strange that people in developing countries who are struggling so hard to get ahead, have time to act like they don’t care.

Punk bands from Canada and Sao Paulo Brasil were alos in the 87-minute documentary called The Punks Are Alright: A Punk Rock Safari From the First World to The Third.

Walking along Poppies II in Kuta on any night you might catch a glimpse of some punk like guys and girls. In between Internet Outpost and McWilliams is a punk bar that does, on occassion attract a crowd of young Balinese people. I stay well clear as the energy is a recipe for trouble. Anyhow, great to see a local Balinese band doing it their way and achieving some success. They are apparently interested in issues such as the effect of tourism on Balinese culture. Maybe I should interview them.




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