Superbowl Monday

Monday 27th was the day in Bali when the Oakland Raiders played the Tampa Bay Bucaneers in the Superbowl. The game was played in San Diego on Sunday afternoon their time.

Sean and I got up around 5.50am and took a taxi down to Jalan Kartita Plaza past Kuta Square where we knew some big screens were. I stayed in this area when I first arrived on the 2nd.

Walking along the street approaching the first place we tried an Aussie approached us and asked “you blokes looking for the game.” We said we were going there right now and invited him to join us.

The place we went to was a bar / restaurant with huge tv screen and stage set up for a band. The young bartender turned on the regular size tv and said his manager would be mad at him if he put the large screen on ( interesting approach, pleasing the customers gets you in trouble ).

THe smaller screen was fine though and we got to see the first half of the game with Andrew who is an extremely interesting person. He has a finance business in Sydney, a fish farm here in Bali and an olive grove in Chile….all set up and financed personally! It was so interesting to hear how Andrew got the ideas for his businesses and then followed through and made them happen. One of the key things he’s done with his overseas operations is find himself a local he can trust and treat them very well. I hope we keep in touch with him and that his businesses are successful.




Halftime came along and it was around 9am local time. Sean and I decided to walk 50 yards down the street to a sports bar that had opened by now and had a huge screen. There were maywe 10 other foreignors in there watching and I ate a breakfast of eggs & bacon.

I thought of Ant, Jen and Chris back in Eugene. Last year we attended a Superbowl party at our friend’s Scott & Jessica’s. I’m sure the food will be plentiful and the drinks overflowing again. Last year I grabbed a couple of drinks before heading off to my job at the DAC ( sorry Marty I confess ).

My Raiders were getting overpowered by the Tampa defence and I was thinking the game was beyond reach when in the last quarter they made a final surge, before Rich Gannon threw a final interception that put the game out of reach. I’m not blaming anyone, Tampa’s defence was motivated and fast.

While watching I glanced at the locals who were working in the bar. Most of them were taking a look at the game but no one seemed very excited about it. I remember when I was back in Britain and saw my first game back in the 70’s ( Steelers vs. Cowboys ) it looked to me like a bunch of padded people falling over each other. Takes a while to get into football if its not your background.

Sean and I left before the game ended and walked for 20 minutes back to Poppies Lane under a light drizzle. I’m not sad the Raiders lost, they treid and were beaten by the best team on the day. I think the Raiders should now rebuild over the next year or 2