Sunday morning with Tina and Ron in Seminyak Bali

Sunday morning here in Seminyak and I took Tina and Ron down to Cafe Moka on Jalan Seminyak for a breakfast (does it seem that all I do is eat?). Due to Bali’s late night party schedule a lot of people were still in bed and the place was half empty. That was cool because the smokers hadn’t got started and it was pleasant. I like this little place and for 11,000rp you can get a bread basket with butter / jam , coffee and a water. Today I got the ‘petit dejeuner’ which contained 2 breakfast cakes (I chose a chocolatine and a raisin cinnamon roll type thing, cafe latte & a carrot juice) for 17,000rp (about $2).

Ron and Tina got muesli and yoghurt and some other sort of cakes. Tina wants to open a cafe next to her restaurant on State St. in Santa Barbara and was taking pointers.

I’m now at Global Xtreme again and I can see Ron from here. He has this fancy camera with a 40 gig portable hardrive called a ‘tank’ which enables him to download photos on the road. It’s snazzy but I don’t know if it would suit my situation just yet. I will upgrade my 3 year old camera sometime but the high resolution pictures are slow to load so I’ll have to crunch them down for the web. My camera is a Sony Mavica which takes floppies. It’s kind of old technology but almost every computer has a floppy drive and that alone makes it easy for me to access.




Tina and Ron fly back to Thailand on Monday, then home to the US soon after. I’m going to interview them and get their opinions on travelling in this war climate. Stay tuned.