Sunday at Global Extreme, Kerobokan Bali

After dropping off a bundle of laundry at a little place round the corner from our house in Semiyak I went to Cafe Moka for my half loaf of bread then came to Global Extreme on Jalan Raya Kerobokan. They are an ISP with satelite access an a cyber cafe. I watched half of a Charlton game ( great as the satelite service here means satelite tv too ) and drank one of their large Bali coffee’s.

Their access is fast today and they have updated their network operating system. When Sean was here one constant problem the pre paid hour timing out without warning and a user having to get a staff member to re connect them in order to close out of e-mail and other private areas. The new system has a timer! What a revelation.

This is a nice place for sure although a no smoking rule would make it complete for me. Right now I have 2 people within 10 feet smoking, including 2 parents who have their 5 year old kid here.




Just found out my team Arsenal lost yesterday which makes the Premiership very exciting. Last night I was chatting to an Indonesian guy named Donny from Java who was wearing a Man U shirt. He was a real soccer fan and could go back years and name players and results. So cool to have that cross cultural connection.

The high point of my night was seeing one of the Indonesian waitresses wearing an Arsenal shirt ( Thierry Henry #14 ), a delectable combination.