Steve and Sima get wheels

This morning I met Sima at Internet Outpost and as agreed took her to the place on Jl. Legian where Sean and I got our bikes. Sima and Steve want to go to Lombok and a good way to go is to ride to Padangbai where you can take the bike on the ferry and cruise the 4 hours to Lombok.

We chatted about it last night and they decided they’d prefer to get one bike and just go with a day pack rather than both hauling all their gear with them.

They had rented a bike on their latest excursion up north and Sima feels very good about riding. Never having passed a driving test she learned to ride in Thailand, Vietnam and Laos.

I gave Sima a ride up to the place on Legian, traffic was moving very slowly and I hardly got above 20 mph. The bike rental place had a brand new Supra for her and it took about 10 minutes to get sorted out. The guy gave her 2 cheap helmets and the lease included an insurance coverage with a $100 deductable.




We rode back down Jl. Legian, around the one way loop and finally said goodbye as I turned into Poppies II, Sima continuing to her place on Poppies I.

I think they’ll have fun cruising around Lombok and checking out the Gili islands in the NW.