Steamy weather here in Bali

Its steamy here in Bali! The humidity kicked in a couple of weeks ago, meaning that sitting in a place with no air flow will seem hot. My porch area doesn’t have very good air flow, so I can work up a sweat just typing.

The other night the power went out and man did we notice it, nobody slept well. That said, you will be perfectly comfortable if you have a breeze. Tourists coming to Bali for the first time from Europe, Australia or N. America will probably want a hotel room with AC. The nights still cool off, to the point where I use a quilt (myself being a skinny example of someone who’s blood has thinned), but that stagnant air makes me sweat.

For general information on the year-round climate see the main Bali weather page.




Here is the 10 day weather forecast for Bali. Plenty of sunshine, but we see those clouds creeping in. For me its all good. Rain is part of life in the tropics. Sitting in a warung, or a home during a tropical storm is a look at nature at its finest. The attendees at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change conference in December, will not doubt be treated to some wonderful downpours.